Coin Art New Zealand

About 3 years ago just after they had changed our coin currency again in New Zealand, I started to paint the coins.

Each of these were painted in oil paint on stretched canvas. In the first series of 10 I painted the 1cent, 2cent, 5cent, 10cent, 20cent Pukaki, 20cent Kiwi, 50cent, one dollar, 2 dollars and the ten dollar gold and silver coin.

Most found homes pretty quickly…. I kept the $2 as it was my favourite and the $10…. I was never super happy with it. Haven’t done the bronze (new) ten cent piece yet, but will if someone wants this….

The second set happened as I had so many requests for pre-decimal coins…. I’ve changed the formats a bit and tried to do more with them….

The first series of Coin Art were NZ decimal coins. I have completed 10, but I’m not happy with the $10 coin yet, so I included the pre-decimal series here.

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